Certified Breastfeeding Specialist


This Breastfeeding Specialist has completed 90 hours didactic lactation education and is qualified to perform the following duties, while adhering to the listed ethical principals: 

  • Maintains client confidentiality and privacy  

  • Respect the client’s right to make choices that are right for her situation  

  • Assists and supports the mother in identifying and meeting her goals for breastfeeding  Educates and supports breastfeeding families during pregnancy, the perinatal period and older babies  

  • Teaches breastfeeding families in the classroom setting, in individual consultations and in breastfeeding support groups  

  • Conducts an assessment of both mother and infant, and devises a plan of care in uncomplicated breastfeeding situations  

  • Instructs and coaches mothers in optimal breastfeeding positions, latch-on, frequency and duration of feedings and parameters for infant output  

  • Assesses effective breastfeeding and milk transfer from mother to infant in uncomplicated breastfeeding situations  

  • Provides anticipatory guidance regarding feeding issues  

  • Problem solves breastfeeding problems that do not commonly precede adverse outcomes  Identifies obstacles to breastfeeding success and identifies resources which may minimize or eliminate those obstacles  

  • Identifies and advocates for aspects of breastfeeding management programs that facilitate successful breastfeeding  

  • Instructs mothers of preterm or late preterm infants in establishing and maintaining a breastmilk supply  

  • Counsels employed breastfeeding mothers regarding selection of a breast pump and maintaining milk supply and breastmilk storage  

  • Records the results of breastfeeding consultations in the appropriate client record  

  • Refers clients to local resources as needed  

  • Works collaboratively within the health care team and refers breastfeeding mothers to the appropriate health care provider (IBCLC, physician, or other practitioner) for assessment and treatment  

  • Advocates for breastfeeding families within the health care system  

  • Advocates for breastfeeding as the optimum method of infant feeding


Support. Empower. Guide

Focusing on strengthening mental health and providing an emotional retreat, it is my role to provide a specific type of non-medicinal care. As your doula my role is to relieve the emotional labor, I objectively hear concerns and dissatisfactions and provide personalized informed feedback that empowers you to delegate your desires. With the development of a detailed plan, we can productively address any concerns. Being proactively prepared allows everyone to be confident and in turn enjoy the fluidity of their experiences. 



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